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Cin's Blog
Tuesday, 5 June 2007
Happy Birthday Don!
Mood:  celebratory

Today is Tuesday, June 05, 2007.  The day before my brother Don’s birthday!  It’s hard to believe we’re as old as we are and we just keep getting older every year.  How does that happen? 


I thought I’d share some of my favorite memories of growing up with Don.  The first ones that come to mind are from our trip to Europe.  We went through London quoting Monty Python’s Holy Grail… “What is your name?”  “What is your quest?”  “What is your favorite color?”  “Aaaaaaaagh”!  We thought we were so clever!  I’m sure no one in London had ever been so funny as the two of us!  In Paris, Don entertained with his unique “Dr. Pepper hunchback” at Notre Dame Cathedral.  In Italy, he knew more about the Forum and Coliseum than our guide did.  But, he never could give us a good explanation as to what all that stuff was on the side of the gondolas and why it looked so much like the stuff on our pizzas for dinner – YUCK!  And, I’ll never forget standing outside the tour bus with Don at the top of the Swiss Alps.  So magnificent! 


I miss Thursday nights with Don – watching “Must See TV”.  He always made us a special dinner and we were always at home together to watch “Friends”.  He makes the best chicken and dumplings!  We used to watch Cowboys games together too, we’d turn down the sound and listen to Dale Hanson call the games.  Those were the years of the Triplets – Michael, Emmit and Troy.  We went to some kickin’ concerts together too – Neil Diamond, Madonna, Bill Cosby.  And, he would always use a couple of his summer musical tickets to take me to see some great musicals – “Cats”, “Les Miserables”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “Oklahoma”… and then we’d wander out into the State Fair of Texas and eat corn dogs! 


“Madness is on TV”!  Ha!


Happy Birthday, Don!  I love you and miss you more than you could know!

Posted by sallyandlucy at 3:28 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 June 2007 2:41 PM CDT

Wednesday, 6 June 2007 - 7:35 PM CDT

Name: "Don"

Madness indeed! After all it was "Our House". Thanks Sis for the great birthday card that this is, I didn't actually even know what a blog was till now. I love you and will see you soon I am sure.



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