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SMALL TALK (about our boys)

Whether they're "crankin' it up" on stage, or catching their energy on compact disc in the studio, this is one group that is always in sync and, no, we're not referring to young pop icons, 'N Sync. We're speaking of long-time friends and partners, whose fans have labeled them as country music's greatest and best band of all time. Sawyer Brown, named after a street in Nashville, has spent the past 15 years developing a style comparable to none. Comprised of members Mark Miller (vocals), Gregg Hubbard (keyboards), Duncan Cameron (guitar), Jim Scholten (bass), and Joe Smyth (drums), the group has acquired a household recognition for their live energy, and for stirring up crowds with Miller's swept-in-the-rhythm moves and boyish good looks yet this isn't all that they're about. If they could be known for nothing else, it would be safe to say that Sawyer Brown would prefer to be known as "deliverers of substance". From some of their slower numbers, such as "Used To Blue" and "This Missin' You Heart Of Mine", to party favorites, like "Step That Step" and "Betty's Bein' Bad", each of their recorded cuts can be termed as songs with meaning, or songs of substance, which is their ultimate goal. "We always try to cut the very best song," comments lead singer and band founder Mark Miller. "Sometimes, if a song just feels so good that you don't have to think about it, then I don't pay much attention to the lyrics but, sometimes, the melody and the feel are only background to what the lyrics say. If that's the case, I want those lyrics to really mean something and have an impact." An impact is exactly what their music has had on the country music industry, and on their fans. Although some have expressed disappointment of the lack of attention the country band has received, Sawyer Brown fans maintain a loyalty to the group for their endearing personalities, for their dedication to them, the fans, and, most especially, for their great music. This "great music" has always contained a wide range of influences down through the years; however, of late, they've branched out by shedding light on other vocalists within the group, namely keyboardist Gregg Hubbard (Hobie) and lead guitarist Duncan Cameron. "Hobie and Duncan are such incredible singers," Miller points out. "And I didn't think we'd ever maxed them out. I wanted to do that." Which is what they did on their latest album, Drive Me Wild. On the 11-song release, co-produced by Miller and award-winning songwriter Mac McAnally, Hubbard and Cameron are showcased on tracks "Playin' A Love Song" and "Moon Over Miami". The smooth harmonies prove that the band does indeed have what it takes to be more of a vocal band than they've been in the past. This type of evolving, coupled with well-chosen songs, including the energetic "All Wound Up" and the poignant ballad "I'm In Love With Her", has the capability to take the singers to yet another level in their career. Since their career first began, they have celebrated acclamations by the CMA (Horizon Award) and the ACM (Top Vocal Group), as well as having received six consecutive TNN/Music City News Top Vocal Band honors. In addition to this, they've also released sixteen albums, twenty-one videos, and many, many top-charting singles. And, even though some things have changed, such as the trading of 250 tour dates a year for a more comfortable 120, Sawyer Brown is still going strong and, if it's possible, they're sounding even better than ever.

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