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THANK GOD FOR YOU (what the fans say)

THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Angie Ryals, of Jesup, Georgia, says she would stand in the rain for Sawyer Brown. She writes, "I saw them live 08-11-2001 at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA. Sawyer Brown is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!! It was my birthday gift from my husband to see them as we had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get there. Boy, was it ever worth it!!!! These guys are absolutely fantastic. Their music just makes you want to dance and have a great time. If you ever feel down, just listen to their music because it will perk you up quickly. Sawyer Brown is Number One to me. I would have stood out in the rain just to see them. They are well worth standing in the rain for. As a matter of fact, they are the only group I would stand out in the rain for."

WHAT A CONCERT Keely Dulin, a new fan, was blown away by her first Sawyer Brown experience. "I just wanted to say how much I love Sawyer Brown. I recently had the chance to be a part of their live concert. I had heard of them before and liked some of their songs, but, after having the chance to see them in concert, I totally love them. I've seen other artists in concert before, but no one has been as good as they are. It was truly an experience I will never forget. They have a way of making you feel like you're a part of them.
"Every time I listen to their live CD or watch the concert, I feel like I'm there all over again. I really have to give them credit. I have never seen a singer with any more talent and energy than they have. I love them all, but I have to say Mark Miller is my favorite. I love it when he starts dancing. You can't help but dance right along with him. As soon as I got home from seeing them in conccert, I immediately joined their fan club, and I'm really excited because, in June, I will be going to see them in New Jersey. And what's even better is I will get to meet them. I'll probably pass out. I can be in the worst mood, and all I have to do is listen to them, and my bad mood goes away. And one of the best things about the concert was Mark's outfit. I loved the green pants and the leopard hat.
"I can't wait to actually meet them. I know they will be a great group of guys. Probably the best part of Sawyer Brown is how much they care about their fans. They do so much for charities, and, when I was at the concert, they really acted like they cared about each and every one of us. They made us feel like we were a part of the show. I'll never regret seeing them or joining the fan club. I just want to say thanks to my favorite boys!!!!!!!"

SAWYER BROWN, GREATEST COUNTRY BAND Connie (aka Shakin'), of Pennsylvania, agrees with, and responds to, the fan request below. "Here, Here! What the world needs is a little more Sawyer Brown. This is a band that, for the last 15 years, has revolutionized country music and video. Their fan base is enormous, their concerts are extremely well attended, if not sell-outs, yet, for some reason, they are continually overlooked, disregarded, and disrespected by the radio station, country music associations, and media. It is time for SB fans to unite in a campaign to bring the boys up to the standing they deserve, that of the 'Greatest Country Band' in history."

ATTENTION SAWYER BROWN FANS Amanda, of New York, requests that others join her in telling the world how great Sawyer Brown really is. "Sawyer Brown is the Best, but least respected, Country Band!!! I've loved Sawyer Brown from the first time I saw them. Country music fans need to listen to their music. The lyrics can make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel good inside!! I don't why, but they should have won and deserve more awards than they've received!!
"Fifteen years later, Sawyer Brown is still making great music!! All you country stations (radio, video, etc.), we want more Sawyer Brown!! Give them the respect they deserve for their music and their hard work!! Sawyer Brown fans, let them know, Sawyer Brown is alive and kicking!!!"

SAWYER BROWN, THE BEST COUNTRY BAND Dave, of Buffalo, New York, thinks it's about time people start listening to Sawyer Brown. "If you haven't listened to Sawyer Brown lately, listen again!! If you never listened, you're missing out on great music!!! If you haven't seen them in concert, GO!!!!
"Sawyer Brown is a dedicated, fan favorite country band that plays from the heart. Unfortunately, we feel they don't get the respect they deserve, nor the playing time on the radio or showing of their videos to promote their music. Lately, CMT has shown more of their videos!! Thanks, CMT!!
"So listen to a Sawyer Brown CD, (Drive Me Wild, Greatest Hits, etc.), and enjoy country music!!!"

SMALL TALK (about our boys)

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