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Josh Bates


Sawyer Brown's Mark Miller Signs Newcomer Josh Bates To BeachStreet Records
Mark Miller, founder of Beach Street Records and frontman of country music phenomenon Sawyer Brown, announced on Tuesday the signing of newcomer Josh Bates to the label's roster, which includes platinum selling, flagship band Casting Crowns.

Bates, 22, was only 15 years old when he became acquainted with Miller, which set off a seven year mentoring friendship. A uniquely talented musician, Bates has played mandolin since he was eleven and now plays guitar and piano.

"Even from an early age, Bates' musical talent was effortless and natural," comments Miller, who also produced the album. "It's a privilege to introduce people to Josh. We've worked on his music for seven years and he's grown into a talented artist all the way around."

"I'm just so amazed," said Bates of signing with Beach Street. "Mark has been such an incredible mentor over the years and to have him ask me to be part of this label is very humbling. I'm excited to be able to minister with this album. I'm so excited to say something for Christ!"

Bates, who is currently on tour with Sawyer Brown, is slated to release his debut album, Perfect Day, on September 16 with the first single impacting radio in July.

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