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Welcome to our site dedicated to the greatest band in country music! The Sawyer Boys!

If you have found this site - it is probably pretty safe to say that you enjoy Sawyer Brown's music.  But there are so many more reasons why we love this band.  And you will find them all woven throughout their music.   
Let's talk about their faith... "It Wasn't His Child", "Travellin' Shoes", "Still Waters", the "Hallelujah He is Born" cd.  We love that the boys have not been afraid to show their beliefs in their music and that having those beliefs has never meant that you couldn't have fun too!
Let's talk about their families - "Another Trip to the Well", "The Dirt Road" and "The Walk" are only a few of the songs that show their respect for their parents and grandparents.  How awesome is that?  You gotta love a man who loves his momma!
If you're like us - you come for the music - but stay because of who they are!    We hope you find some of who we have come to believe they are in this site!

Sawyer Brown At Fan Fair 2007!
The Boys will be signing in their booth at Fan Fair on Saturday, June 9th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Be sure to drop by and say hello!

Mark Talks about the New Music

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Shayne Hill
Gregg Hobie Hubbard

 Mark Miller

Jim Scholten
Joe Smyth

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What's New?

We have created this website for fun and information on a group of guys we consider the most talented, most appreciated by their fans, most gracious, and unfortunately,  most under-rated group of musicians we know.  Our goal is to keep the concert schedule and other pertinent information complete and up-to-date.  However, picture pages etc will not be changed regularly as we often travel to see the band, and there just isn't time for us to make frequent changes to these pages.  We hope you enjoy what we provide and find it useful in your effort to see the GREATEST BAND on EARTH.

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